Professional Furniture and Cabinet Painting

Don’t throw that old piece of furniture away. Rejuvenate it!

If you have a piece of furniture that has great form and structure but is no longer in style, I can transform the entire piece into something that you can be proud of using a number of painting techniques. For example, I can make your outdated kitchen cabinets look modern – for a fraction of the price! I can transform your old curio into a modern, funky decorative piece. I can transform your 1970’s wood-grained fireplace mantel into an awsome distressed mantel. I can transform your old dresser into an antique dresser.

Professional Spray Painting

Most of the furniture is painted in a professional spray booth at my shop. I used a high pressure spray gun that produces very fine paint particles for a nice smooth finish that lasts for years. This is the same technique that has been used by the automotive industry for decades!

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

One of my specialties is painting kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost to replace them. Many older cabinets were made with better materials and construction than what is on the market today. It only makes sense to modernize the cabinets with a professional coat of paint instead of replacing them. My kitchen cabinet paint process is as follows:

At your home, I will:

  • Remove cabinet doors from bases
  • Clean cabinet bases to remove oil and grease
  • Sand cabinet bases to create an adhesive surface
  • Manually prime cabinet bases with specialty primer
  • Manually paint cabinet bases with specialty cabinet paint
  • Install cabinet doors on bases

At my shop I will:

  • Remove hinges and hardware from cabinet doors
  • Clean cabinet doors to remove oil and grease
  • Sand cabinet doors to create an adhesive surface
  • Fix major imperfections in wood with wood filler
  • Fill holes with wood filler if new hardware is selected (if applicable)
  • Drill new holes for new hardware (if applicable)
  • Prime cabinet doors with specialty primer using a spray gun in a professional spray booth
  • Paint cabinet doors with specialty cabinet paint using a spray gun in a professional spray booth
  • Install hinges and hardware

The options for furniture painting are limitless. See some examples below!

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Fireplaces
  • Dressers
  • Tables
  • Clawfoot Bathtubs
  • Desks
  • Curios
  • Chairs
  • Mantels
  • Coffee Tables
  • Bars
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