Professional Interior Painting

I offer professional interior painting services for the interior rooms of your home or office at competitive prices. I take pride in painting your walls, ceilings, and trim at a professional level. I treat your home like it is my own, and spend the necessary time to do the job right. I do not take shortcuts.

Getting Started, I will…

  1. Meet with you onsite at a time of your convenience.
  2. Listen to your ideas and needs.
  3. Work with you to select the colors of your preference.
  4. Inspect the condition of each room to be painted.
  5. Provide a free estimate within one business day.
  6. Schedule the paint job at a time of your convenience.

On Paint Days, I will…

  1. Arrive promptly.
  2. Protect and cover furniture, floors, any other areas.
  3. Correct wall imperfections, nail holes, and blemishes using drywall spackling.
  4. Sand the spackling to feather the edges.
  5. Prime the walls, ceiling, and/or trim as listed in the estimate.
  6. Paint the walls, ceiling, and/or trim as listed in the estimate.
  7. Remove protective covers and clean up workspace.
  8. Inspect the completed room with you.
  9. Depart promptly.

A quality paint job starts with quality paint. We use Benjamin Moore paints on all of our projects. It is the best covering paint on the market and well worth the price.

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